As a Birth Doula, Britt is present to support and help create that uniquely gentle, beautiful, and positive experience for each individual mama, partner and baby on their birth journey.

Birth Doula Package



Prenatal Session One (2 hours)

This first session is a "get to know each other" and navigate birth preferences in detail all together. We discuss options surrounding birth and decide how we are best going to prepare for this birth together. This helps form an outline for couple’s birth plan.

Prenatal Session Two (2 hours)  

The second session is much more hands on. We go over a few logistics, like what to pack for hospital, what baby needs in first month of life, timing contractions , etc. Then we get hands on and active. We will go over what birth actually looks like, including preliminary and positive signs of labor, practice pain coping techniques, practice labor positions/movements for home and hospital, aromatherapy, practice using the rebozo, and more! 

Prenatal Session Three (2 hours)

This last prenatal session is an optional session with one of our supporting IBCLCs (Lactation Consultants). This session is incredibly helpful to prepare for breastfeeding before baby's arrival. Session includes a breast exam, preparations for the first latch, breastfeeding techniques specialized to you for in hospital and home, partner involvement in breastfeeding, best breastfeeding positions for your body and breasts, etc. This session is an additional fee of $250 - $300 which goes directly to lactation consultant.


On-Call 24/7 two weeks prior to estimated due date and until baby arrives.

Continuous, uninterrupted labor support for entire duration of birth until family is settled and baby has latched. 

Throughout labor, my support as your doula can span a wide range from emotional support and just holding space, to helping facilitate labor progress by making suggestions for positions, relaxation, visualization, shower/bath and rhythmic breathing and movement. 

I provide hands-on support and tricks from my doula bag including: massage, counter pressure, hot and cold therapy, aromatherapy and rebozo. All while ensuring that expecting partner has the main support role, with me assisting and helping as needed and desired. 

I provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding your current birth options, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your care. 

I am also happy to photograph and/or video your birth experience when I am not needed in other capacities. 

Postnatal Sessions

1 - 2 Postnatal Visits, depending on need (2 hours)

Depending on timing of birth, the first prenatal visit is ideally within the first day or two postpartum as a wellness check-in. Once family is home and settled, there are 1 - 2 following postnatal visits in the home, depending on need. In these postpartum sessions we go over labor in detail, discuss how everyone is adjusting to life with baby, check in on breastfeeding, talk about continuous care and any postpartum needs, assess and offer community referrals. New family will also be given the birth photos and birth notes (if available) at our last session. 

Birth Doula fee  


**Additional travel fee of $150 for clients who live outside of the East Bay. 

I do offer discounts for single parents, home birth and birth center clients, or previous birth clients so please do not hesitate to reach out.  

To learn more about the economics of a doulas fees, please read this article